RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Iron Maiden – EN VIVO!
Rating: B

Iron Maiden are always concerned with keeping their fans hands in their billfold, ready to shell out a few more bucks for another live album, both on CD, DVD and BluRay. While they may be overselling, not to the point of Kiss, they do one thing right, and that is they keep putting out product that is of excellent quality.

This time we find Maiden in Santiago, Chile, so that means front man, vocalist and band pilot Bruce Dickenson belts out “Scream for me Chile!” a few times. As far as the double CD goes, this is yet another great concert from a band that is famous for delivering the goods live and onstage. The track listing includes “2 Minutes to Midnight,” “Dance of Death,” “The Trooper,” ‘Wicker Man,” ‘Blood Brothers,” “The Evil That Men Do,” “Fear of the Dark,” “Iron Maiden,” ‘The Number of the Beast,” “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and “Running Free.”

The real treat is the video release, however, as the bonus features are well done. Behind the Beast is a documentary that comes in at nearly 90 minutes long and educates the viewer to the logistics needed to pull off a work tour. They show Bruce fly “Ed Force One,” the crew stuff all of the equipment into the plane and then there is the stage construction. Watching what it takes to put on this show will help make forking over the dough for the next concert ticket more palatable.

Other bonus features include another documentary on the making of the video from the The Final Frontier album. Plus, with the concert video, one gets to see the amazing crowd and their love of all things Maiden.

As long as Iron Maiden can continue to release such gems then the fan base will continue to pay. The band does a great job with each release of letting the fans peek behind the curtain and they switch up the set list enough to keep it interesting.

By Jeb Wright