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Thin Lizzy – Nightlife and Fighting Deluxe Editions


Nightlife B
Fighting B+

UMe have released two deluxe editions of classic Thin Lizzy albums. Both albums contain liner notes by the infamous British rock scribe Malcolm Dome and contain new interviews with Scott Gorham and Brian Downey. Each release features two discs, one of the original album, remastered, and bonus disks of rare and often unreleased versions of songs.


Released in 1974, Nightlife features the classic tune “Still in Love with You” as well as fan favorites “She Knows,” “Showdown” and “Sha-La-La.” Most notable is that this was the first album to feature the double guitar lineup of Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham that would go on to produce Lizzy’s most beloved tunes. Mix that guitar duo with bassist, singer and chief songwriter Phil Lynott and you can see Lizzy moving from more of a blues rock band to a sophisticated type of band, one where the music weaves, dips and moves creating awesome soundscapes and moods.

The bonus disc contains six tunes from BBC Sessions in 1974 as well as a demo of “Showdown” featuring Gary Moore on guitar and an alternate take of “Still in Love with You.”


Released the following year, one can really see the difference 12 months can make in maturing a band, tightening the sound and expanding the songwriting. The opening track, actually a Bob Seger remake, “Rosalie” is a perfect example of a band taking someone else’s song and totally making it their own. This was the introduction to this era of the band’s true sound.
The band were on fire and the music was flowing as this one contains “Wild One,” “Suicide,’ “Fighting My Way Back,” “Freedom Song” and “Silver Dollar.” Lynott was hitting his stride, lyrically and vocally, just as the band were kicking it up a notch musically. This one set the stage for the mighty Jailbreak the following year and one can truly hear the sound being forged as the band pushed ahead.

The bonus tracks on the album include the B side to “Rosalie,” “Half Caste” as well as the US album mix of “Rosalie.” The rest of the bonus tracks are BBC sessions and unreleased tunes, many of which were changed into songs that made the album.

UMe has done a great job on both albums and both would be right at home next to Jailbreak on your CD shelf.

By Jeb Wright