RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Joe Bonamassa – Driving Towards the Daylight
J&R Adventures
Rating: A

Joe Bonamassa pours rich, soulful, rockin’ blues from his soul to his fingertips every time he picks up a guitar. This time around he has released an album that mixes originals with covers and includes some high profile guests including Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford and Jimmy Barnes, who closes the album with a remake of his biggest hit “Too Much Ain’t Enough Love.”

The album begins with “Dislocated Boy,” a perfect mix of Bonamassa music and Who style lyrics. Robert Johnson, the master of the blues, is represented with a cover of his tune “Stones In My Passway.” Joe gives the song, which is three quarters of a century old, a Led Zep like twist and the result is a song that will have you up off your chair and digging the music as soon as you hear the opening riff. The title track is one of Joe’s best tunes and could even get some airplay if there are any deejays out there still brave enough to buck the system.

Bonamassa also wrote the tune “Heavenly Soul” which shows you can be a white boy from the USA and still write a killer blues riff and sing about peaches in your pantry! Joe’s love of Tom Waits continues as he does a wonderful remake of “New Coat of Paint.”

The bottom line is that Joe Bonamassa is getting better with each album. He continues to find great riffs, killer solos and creative arrangements and lyrics. The fact that this man can sell out shows, literally, around the world without the benefit of any radio support shows that real music will find a way to the masses if one is only persistent enough. Joe is persistent enough.
Buy this one and play it loud and often.

By Jeb Wright