RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Wireless – Remasters
Rock Candy Records


Positively Human Relatively Sane C
No Static B

In the history of Canadian rock and roll, Wireless is but a footnote. They didn’t sell many records and their biggest claim to fame was being managed by SRO, the same people who managed Rush. They were a band that had what it takes, musically, but the record buying public paid little attention to them.

The debut album, Positively Human Relatively Sane is a quirky album that shifts from classy AOR to hard rock, often within the same song. The album was produced by Max Webster’s Michael Tilka and his influence is all over the place, leading to some of odd musical themes. The album didn’t do well, although, all of these years later it is one of those albums that will be interesting to real rock nerds who want to discover the odd and unknown.

No Static is a different animal. The band’s foundation was not solid and the label was not too interested in keeping the Wireless boat afloat. Management mate Geddy Lee of Rush came to the rescue and stepped up to the plate as producer and hit a home run. Out of nowhere, this band suddenly rocked and even brought to mind Bad Company with tunes like “Pay to Ride,” “Timekeeper” and “Friends.” This album is solid from beginning to end and while they didn’t reinvent the wheel, Wireless showed that they could have been a contender.

The band, ultimately, despite better material and a high profile producer like Lee, failed. They split up and most of Canada’s hardcore rock fans may have never heard of them. In retrospect, that is just not fair and it shows how important labels like Rock Candy Records are for the survival of this music.

If you’re a Rush, or Max Webster, fan then check out Wireless for the band connection alone and you will be supporting Rock Candy as well. This will ensure the right people – people with pure passion and a love of music – keep digging up these gems and reintroducing these bands to the world.

By Jeb Wright