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Aldo Nova – Remasters
Rock Candy Records



Aldo Nova B+
Subject B-

Out of nowhere in 1982 came an album and a performer that took the world by storm. Aldo Nova’s self titled debut is one of the best AOR albums to ever be released. From the opening of “Fantasy” to “Hot Love” to “It’s Too Late” to “Ball and Chain” to “Heart to Heart” to “Foolin’ Yourself” this sucker never stops rocking. The MTV video for “Fantasy” made sure that millions of young Americans were introduced to this rock and roll sensation sending the album into the charts. Aldo Nova was more than a guitar player as he wrote, arranged, produced and even played most of the instruments on his debut.

The following year, 1983, Nova released his follow-up titled Subject. It was a heady, progressive pop, hard rock album with a post apocalyptic theme that went over the heads of his subjects, both lyrically and musically. The album did not achieve the same success as his debut, despite great songs like “Monkey on Your Back,” “Paradise,” “Cry Baby Cry” and the Coney Hatch remake “Hey Operator.” Time has been kind to this album as when listeners return to this one they are going to find they may have judged the album too harshly back in the day.

Both CDs contain new interviews with Aldo Nova, who has gone on from his rock days to writing several hit songs for Celine Dion. There is new artwork and new photographs as well. Both albums deserve to be rediscovered by the masses of AOR fans around the world. Maybe, if they shift enough units then Aldo will put down his acoustic guitar, plug in his electric and write some more killer music.

We can always hope!

By Jeb Wright