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Phil Collins – …but Seriously
Audio Fidelity


Rating: B

In 1989 Phil Collins released …But Seriously, his forth studio album, which was, by far, his most serious album to date. The music dealt with poverty, homelessness and other dark topics. The biggest hit was “Another Day in Paradise,” written after he visited Washington D.C. and discovered the rampant poverty in the Nation’s capitol. Other classic tunes include “Colours” which written about apartheid and “I Wish It Would Rain Down.”

Audio Fidelity, the leader in high end audio releases, has released a limited, numbered edition 24 KT + Gold version of the classic disc. Everything this company does reeks of class and sounds amazing. The difference between this one, the original album, CD and the godforsaken cassette release is pure clarity. The sounds of the instruments come alive and Phil sounds as if he is singing in your living room.

Classic Rock Revisited says to revisit this classic album on the 24 KT and hear the difference it makes.

By Jeb Wright