RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Rick Wakeman & the New English Rock Ensemble – In the Nick of Time Live in 2003
Gonzo Multimedia


Rating: B

What do you get when a virtuoso musician, who can simultaneously play 600 keyboards at the same time, is a master of musical composition and an all around genius who wears a cape puts a band together? Why progressive rock, of course. And with Rick Wakeman you get a nice mix of several additional genres to go with it.

This concert, from 2003, is a huge serving of some of the most complex popular style music ever created. The man is an insanely talented musician. This album features some of the best classical/prog/pop/rock music he has ever created. “Catherine Parr” opens the concert and sets the tone for an evening of masterful musicianship. “White Rock” and “Wurm” are, alone, worth checking this disc out.

That one man can be this talented, and funny, and cool, is just not fair. If you want to be impressed by a keyboard, cape wearing freak of musical nature then check out this show and remember, it’s live…he did this live…simply amazing.

By Jeb Wright