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Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder Live: Eagles Over London


Rating: B+

Saxon, outside of America, is one of the top bands to come out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. In America, they have always been a footnote, which is a shame as these guys are flat out rockers. The band is part Motorhead, part Maiden and part Spinal Tap. These guys may suffer a tad from being the stereotypical British metal band from that time period. The singer is named Biff and the band write songs titled “Metalhead,” “Unleash the Beast,” and “I’ve Got to Rock.”

We have established that Saxon are not rocket scientists, however, they are rock stars. They, to this day, epitomize the metal genre and the metal attitude. “Denim and Leather” alone will keep these guys on the ‘best of all time’ lists for decades to come.

This latest offering is a three-disc live album consisting of a DVD and two live CDs. The DVD features the best of the WOA festival in Germany, culling performances from their appearances there in 2004, 2007 and 2009. The DVD also includes behind the scenes footage as a bonus feature. Also included are two bonus audio CDs. The first one was recorded on the Call to Arms tour in 2011. The third disc is a best of set from a concert in Glasgow, also in 2011.

The bottom line here is to raise your fist in the air, get out your old jean jacket and crank this sucker up.

By Jeb Wright