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Joe Walsh – Analog Man
Concord Music Group


Rating: B

Joe Walsh is back with a solo album after keeping his fans waiting for two decades. And the wait was worth it as Walsh is in fine form.

The title track is pure Walsh, mixing great guitar riffs with funny lyrics all the while giving social commentary on the modern day. “Lucky That Way” is the follow-up to “Life’s Been Good” making us all a little jealous of the man and the good fortune the world has bestowed upon him.

Guesting on the album is Joe’s brother-in-law, Ringo Starr, on the song “Band Played On.” The album was produced by Jeff Lynne of ELO fame, the result is a classic rock sounding album made by some of the best in the business.

Walsh is very comfortable in his own skin after nearly two decades of sobriety and is enjoying a resurgence in creativity. Look for the band to play across the country this summer and be sure to find yourself there, as the show will be a mix of the best of the new and all of the classic tunes from Joe’s past.

Welcome back to the club, Joe. We’re glad to see ya!

By Jeb Wright