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Dan Woodling – Rick Wakeman in the 1970;s (book)
Gonzo Multimedia


Rating: C-

Dan Woodling is a veteran author, broadcaster and journalist who has teamed up with Gonzo Multimedia to release a book on one of the best keyboardists to ever take the stage, Rick Wakeman. He even coaxed a forward out of, none other than, Elton John, a friend of Rick’s.
The book concentrates on Wakeman’s heyday, the 1970’s and explores his days with the Strawbs, Yes and his solo career. There are many good interviews with those around at the time, including Wakeman. The book is very informative and chronicles Wakeman’s biggest successes and colossal failures. However, Wakeman is known for a massive sense of humor and while there are moments of his flair, the book really lacks in capturing this part of the musician’s personality.

The read is good, but not great. More on Yes and the complications within that band would have been welcome. That said, you can do a lot worse than this and, if you are a Wakeman aficionado, then you will love the in-depth representations of his solo efforts.

By Jeb Wright