RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Million Dollar Reload – A Sinners Saint
Frontiers Records

Rating: A-

Just when you thought real hard rock, circa, mid 1980’s, was dead and gone comes Million Dollar Reload. This is a band that has all of the distortion, power, attitude and songwriting talent of any of the 1980’s best hard rock bands.

It could be temping to call this a throwback to the best Hair Metal had to offer, but Million Dollar Reload captures that over the top and overindulgent ‘80’s attitude, but rocks much harder than the Poisons’ and Warrants’ of the past. This is a hard rock band that is totally into who they are and what they represent.

“All we ever wanted to do was write proper frickin’ rock songs!” laughs powerhouse vocalist Phil. “Songs that people could relate to in the way we do, and that we can perform and make rock fans say ‘You know what? Here’s a rock ‘n’ roll band playing genuine rock ‘n’ roll with no bullshit and no frills, and they’re having a blast doing it!’ That’s all we want to do…write and perform kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll and stick to our principles. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. The bottom line for us is that a good song is a good song! Isn’t that’s what it’s all about?.”

From the opening song, “Fight the System” one is hooked. Just check out “Bullets in the Sky” and “Broken” and then tell me that rock and roll is dead. Bullshit, it ain’t dead, in fact Million Dollar Reload is giving it a much needed kick in the ass.
Bottom line: BUY THIS ALBUM and play it loud and often.

By Jeb Wright