RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke


Van Der Graaf Generator – Recorded Live at Metropolis Studios, London


Rating: C

Van Der Graaf Generator may be weirder than early Pink Floyd and at least, if not more, progressive than King Crimson. They play complex music with odd lyrics and even odder time signatures.

In 2010, the three original members, Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evens went to Metropolis Studios in London and gave a performance in front of a small, intimate crowd made up of their biggest fans. They have released the concert on a double CD and DVD package. The DVD contains rare interviews with all three band members.

The drawback is that the band only played three songs released before 2005. The band, proud of their latest music, still should pay more homage to their past, and to their fans. The concert is filled with crazy vocals and wild musical passages proving that Van Der Graff Generator are still as in tune with who they are, musically, as they ever were. Songs like “Nutter Alert” and “Over the Hill” are the most interesting of the newer tunes but the classic “Man-Erg” is the darkest and most brooding tune on the album.

Like iced coffee, it takes a required taste; one either loves this band or hates them. For those who dig Van Der Graaf then this is a must see DVD and a must hear double CD release.

By Jeb Wright