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Mitch Ryder – Live at Rockpalast 1979 + 2004


Rating: B

Rockpalast is a German television show that specializes in bringing American rock and roll to German audiences. Mitch Ryder was recorded for two shows, one from 1979 and the other from 2004.

Both complete shows are combined in 3-CD box set complete with an interesting booklet. Ryder, best known for “CC Rider/Jenny Take a Ride” and “Devil with a Blue Dress On” is one of Detroit’s finest when it comes to rockin’ blues. These concerts show Ryder at two different stages in his career. The 1979 concert is more a straight ahead musical affair while the latter years show, in 2004, sees Mitch taking more time to explain the songs to the audience almost making the event like an episode of VH1’s Storytellers. The 2004 show ends up being the winner as there are several surprises in the set including a remake of the Rolling Stones “Gimmie Shelter” and the Doors “Soul Kitchen.”

Both concerts are great examples of the Motown style rock and roll that influenced many bands down the line including the MC5 and Ted Nugent. There is also a DVD of the show from 1979 sold separately. This show, while not as complete, or performed as well as the 2004 show, has become infamous as Ryder was stinking drunk, showing up at the gig with a half drunk bottle of whiskey in his hand. One could say while the 2004 show was better, the 1979 was pure rock and roll Detroit attitude!

By Jeb Wright