RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke


Rob Zombie – Mondo Sex Head


Rating: F

Okay, Rob Zombie rocks. I like his solo stuff and I have all of White Zombie releases. I have seen him in concert several times and it is always a unique experience.

I have even turned a blind eye to the fact that every other month there seems to be some type of Rob Zombie’s Greatest Hits being released somewhere in the world. However, I will NOT turn a blind eye to the musician allowing modern day beat “masters” turn his compositions into crap.

What really makes this albums suck even more is that Zombie was involved with it…not just involved but REALLY involved. He somehow thought this was a good move.

You don’t piss all over the Mona Lisa and call it art. Rob Zombie has allowed others to piss all over his songs – and I am sure it is for so-called artist reasons and musical experimentation.

Well, I never “got” that artist who made sculptures out of human excrement and I certainly don’t get this either.

Avoid this one like the plague.

By Jeb Wright