RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Robert Cray – Nothin but Love


Rating: B+

Robert Cray is a smooth operator when it comes to playing the blues and his latest album sees him, once again, delivering the same quality of emotional songs that his fans take for granted.

This guy is just blues cool and he has no problem picking up his guitar and writing heartfelt blues songs and delivering them with spine chilling vocals. This guy is just so damn good it is scary.

The top song on the album is “I’m Done Cryin,” as this song is written about the current economic times in America and how the struggles can lead to troubles but they still can’t take your pride if you don’t let them. On the other side of the coin is the fun loving “Side Dish” where Robert warns of becoming a side dish in a relationship if one is not careful.

Cray’s band have a lot of songwriting credits on the album as well, proving that this is really a band and not a just some guys backing up an Icon. Cray takes in everyone’s ideas and together they bring the best to the forefront.

The man with the smoking gun has hit the bull’s-eye with his latest album. If you love true blues, complete with amazing vocals and crisp guitar solos, then this one if for you.

Robert Cray continues his legacy of being a blues master and proves he is far from being done. In fact, this album is so smooth that he may just be getting started!

By Jeb Wright