RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Billy Squier – Enough is Enough/Hear & Now/Creatures of Habit
BGO Records



Enough is Enough C
Hear & Now B
Creatures of Habit C-

BGO Records is a company based in London, England that is doing some very cool repackaging of classic rock and roll records. This time out it is a double disc of Billy Squier, featuring the three albums after his disastrous video for “Rock Me Tonight” from 1984’s Signs of Life. Before he was caught frolicking around on a pink satin bedspread and dancing in place like something from Flashdance, Squier was a true rock star with Don’t Say No and Emotions in Motion being two of the best hard rocking albums of the day.

BGO Records has released a double CD of the three albums that followed his video downfall. While he never reached the heights of his heyday, these albums show that Squier still was a strong songwriter and performer.

Enough is Enough attempted to bring the rock back but the music was just average and no real hit was on the disc. I would describe this album as solid, but not strong. Hear & Now, with the songs “Rock Out/Punch Somebody,” “G.O.D.” “Tied Up” and the hit “Don’t Say You Love Me” make this one the winner of the bunch. If “Don’t’ Say You Love Me” had been the follow up to Emotions in Motion then Squier’s career would have continued to skyrocket.

Creatures of Habit damn near is a really good album. “She Goes Down” is classic Squier and “(L.O.V.E.) Four Letter Word” and “Hollywood” are strong songs. The issue here is that the bad songs are really bad. Still, there is enough here to make this welcome in your CD collection as it is a great, and affordable, way to get the ‘rest of the story.’

By Jeb Wright