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Steppenwolf – Live
BGO Records


Rating: B

BGO Records is a company based in London, England that is doing some very cool repackaging of classic rock and roll records. This time out, we are reviewing the re-release of an iconic live album by rock legends Steppenwolf.

BGO is doing a great service to the world of rock re-releasing these great albums. For starters, the cover to this album depicts the band perfectly. The snarling wolf and the group’s heavy rocking blues went hand in hand.

Led by John Kay, the band rips through “Sookie, Sookie” before going into the hippie anthem, “Don’t Step on the Grass Sam.” From there it only gets better as “Monster,” “Twisted,” “Hey Lawdy Mama,” “The Pusher,” “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Born to be Wild” end the show, which was recorded in early 1970.

This is proto-metal at its finest and while there are no bells, whistles or bonus tracks, if you don’t already have this in your CD collection then BGO makes it easy for you to right that oversight.

Visit their website above and check out all their killer releases.

By Jeb Wright