RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Curved Air – Live Atmosphere
Curved Air Records


Rating: B

Curved Air were a mixture of jazz rock, art rock and progressive rock. In 2008, after an 18 year absence, the band reformed and began touring around the world, including festivals in Japan, Italy, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Holland and Belgium.

The band, still fronted by one of the only Prog Diva’s out there, Sonja Kristina, recreated many of their past glories on the CD/DVD. Sonja explains, “We recorded this album to capture the invention and interplay of these virtuoso musicians. Robert Norton is exceptional - as is Paul Sax, a master violinist, one of the first entrants to the Yehudi Menuhin school - a passionate and brave performer very well qualified to step into Darryl's light. All the band are brilliant players and inspiring people. Chris Harris is literally our root on bass and Kit Morgan the fire on guitar. Great chemistry and communication...”

Indeed this is some trippy music! It is performed well and is a true mix of many styles. Melded together, the songs truly do curve the air. The music bends and blends and comes apart and back again. The band is all talented beyond belief. The musical passages are breathtaking and complex, the vocals and lyrics both elusive and in your face.

The bottom line is that Curved Air is like a strong cup of coffee. Until one has acquired the taste for it, they may be confused as to why anyone would drink such a concoction, yet, once hooked they crave it and keep coming back for more.

By Jeb Wright