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George Martin – Produced by George Martin
Eagle Rock Entertainment


Rating: B

George Martin has produced 23 Number One singles in the USA and 30 in the UK. His work with the Beatles has made him a living legend. However, as this documentary proves, there is much more to Sir George than meets the eye.

Martin is very forthcoming in the documentary. Interviewed by his son, the Martin’s travel back in time as Sir George talks about his childhood, his experiences during wartime as well as how he joined EMI/Parlophone and met his wife, who turned out to be the love of his life.

Once at Parlophone, Martin worked with comedians, making records for the likes of Peter Sellers. He produced orchestras and also records for children. In 1962, however, his life changed forever when he singed a band out of Liverpool called The Beatles.

Learning about the industry, and the Beatles from the man who produced them, and so many others, makes this a fascinating documentary. One reminds glued to the screen as Martin’s achievements are lauded about by Jeff Beck, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Michael Palin and others. All the while the mighty producer remains a humble man speaking of greatness as if it were just part of an everyday humdrum life.

Martin comes across as a kind man, smart and with a sense of humor. His honestly and openness make this one a winner from start to finish.

By Jeb Wright