RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Steve Vai – The Story of Light
Favored Nations


Rating: B+

Musical Maestro Steve Vai is the human, guitarist embodiment of Merlin the Wizard. His tricks and talents are simply not of this earth.

As he ages, his creativity creeps into the far reaches of the musical universe, tempting us to fall under his spell. Those under the Vai spell are easy to spot, as they have wide eyes, agape jaws and are shaking their head slowly, side to side, in amazement.

The Story of Light, the second in the Real Illusions Trilogy actually flies past the first installment. This sucker contains some flat out amazing moments. “The Story of Light” begins the show and wastes no time in putting the trance on the listener. “John the Revelator” is an old tune given new life by Vai. This is the best song on the disc, even though it is the oddest in the view of what should be on a Steve Vai album.

The guitar playing is fantastic and the sound of the disc simply awesome. Vai continues to shine putting us on the edge of our seats for the third installment in the story.

By Jeb Wright