RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Texas Hippie Coalition – Peacemaker
Carved Records


Rating: B

Texas Hippie Coalition is a power packed band that is as much ZZ Top as they are Pantera. They have been touring non-stop for years, honing their skills and learning much about today’s world of rock and roll.

They have found that while it is a dream to play heavy rock for a living, the music scene can be a messy, greasy, dirty, horrible and nasty filled cesspool of snakes and thieves… and it also has a bad side (a little homage to Hunter S. Thompson in a review is never a bad thing).

The band has been able to come to terms with what it means to be a full time hard rock band playing original music and living out of busses and Holiday Inns. They have finally, after years of honing their skills, become comfortable enough to look past the gimmicks, the drugs and booze, the backstage pussy and the everyday bullshit of the music industry and reach deep down and deliver the album everyone knew they were capable of making.

With Peacemaker the band has finally perfected the Molly Hatchet meets Slayer sound they have been searching for. This sucker is full of big boy vocals, searing guitar riffs and solos all backed by a rhythm section that hits the harder than a Mike Tyson punch circa 1990.

Just check out “Hands Up,” “Damn You to Hell,” ‘Turn It Up” or “Wicked.” If that does not convince you that these boys are on the right track then just crank up “Outlaw” and “Sex & Drugs & Rock N Roll” and you will be convinced.

This is a loud, aggressive, rude and brutal collection of hard rocking blues metal. Still, no matter how loud and proud this music sounds, I bet deep down these guys are sweethearts, underneath it all…way deep down…they love their Grandmothers…they do…they really do.

By Jeb Wright