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Sticky Boys – This is Rock ‘n’ Roll
Listenable Records


Rating: B

Hiding in France since 2008 has been a rock band that love three things: loud music, guitar solos and playing live.

Described on their website as “three hairy rockers packed with energy and ready to explode” Sticky Boys (perhaps the worst name in rock history…makes me think of sticky buns…mix that with hairy guys and all I can say is ewwww…) are a great three chord heavy rock band.

This is Rock ‘n’ Roll proves this band loves all things AC/DC. Their music is damn near a carbon copy, but hey, that ain’t necessarily a bad thing. They have the same sass and boogie as early AC/DC, with the hard rock guitars of the Brian Johnson era. In fact, this album, when taken as a whole, is a whole lotta better than the last several AC/DC releases.

The band runs in the same circles as Nashville Pussy and American Dog. The music is good and makes a great excuse to throw a party.

You won’t find these guys singing about world peace or freedom, instead its all about the pussy and the party. Again, not necessarily a bad thing.

These boys rock and with any luck they will be able to break out of France and expand their fan base. They have the energy and the attitude to make it. One thing is for sure, they make rock and roll fun again, which is, of course, not necessarily a bad thing…

By Jeb Wright