RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

The Tubes – Outside Inside
Iconoclassic Records


Rating: B+

The Tubes were riding high on their most commercially successful album, The Completion Backwards Principal, when they went into the studio to record the follow up, Outside Inside.

Band leader Fee Waybill had teamed up with Toto guitar wizard Steve Lukather on the previous album and co-wrote “Talk to Ya Later” a huge hit for the band. Luke, once again, brought the pop to the Tubes punky vibe and struck gold with the massive FM radio hit “She’s a Beauty.”

The Tubes were on a creative roll. The Motels Martha Davis guested on the Curtis Mayfield classic “The Monkey Time” another FM popular tune. “No Not Again” and the fabulous “Wild Women of Wongo” are both great songs by the Tubes that showcase the originality of the band.

The expanded edition of the album includes four songs not found on the original release, they are “When You’re Ready to Come,” “Keyboard Kids,” “Satellite” and “The Monkey Time” single featuring Michele Gray. The liner notes include new interviews with the band, as well.

From the great sounding music to the bonus tracks and new liners notes, this is the definitive edition of this classic album.

By Jeb Wright