RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

The Who – Live at Hull 1970
Universal Music


Rating: B

The Who have one of the most iconic live albums in their back catalog in Live at Leeds. The night after that show, they traveled to the town of Hull and performed another concert. Now, Universal Music has released that show as well.

While the set lists are nearly the same, and the concert sounds nearly the same, it is still a cool release that documents, once again, a great band out on the road making history. One difference is a fifteen minute jam on
”My Generation” that Who fans will want to hear.

This concert is rawer than Live at Leeds, there are pops and glitches that will drive some audiophiles crazy, those who love rock concerts of this era, however, will find the live feel to be the strongpoint of this album. Plus, set two sees the band play Tommy from beginning to end.

Singer Roger Daltery thinks the forty year wait to hear this concert is worth it, “The gig was better in Hull. We played a theatre in Hull, so the sound was just better. I do remember that gig. It was much, much better."

By Jeb Wright