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The Doors – Live at the Bowl ‘68
Eagle Rock Entertainment


Rating: A

When The Doors played a hometown gig at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968 it meant the band had grown from cult status to true rock stars. The gig has long been held as legendary as frontman Jim Morrison was in rare form, tripping on acid and into his whole hippie, renegade poet/anti-star mode.

Now, for the first time the concert footage has been digitally scanned and restored. The colors jump out at the viewer and the sound is very much improved over other versions. The sound was remixed and mastered from the original tapes by The Doors engineer Bruce Botnick.

In addition, two songs have been returned to the concerts running order. All in all there are 22 doors classics including “When the Music’s Over,” “Back Door Man,” “Hello, I Love You,” “Light My Fire” and “The End.”

The bonus footage includes interviews about the show with the surviving members of The Doors making this the ‘must-own’ version of this legendary concert.

By Jeb Wright