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Paul Raymond Project – Terms & Conditions Apply
Cherry Red Records


Rating: B

Paul Raymond, best known as the keyboardist for UFO, joining the band in 1976, and appearing on 11 albums by them, including Lights Out and the live classic Strangers in the Night. Paul has also spent time in Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack, Waysted and The Michael Schenker Group.

With the sixth release of his Paul Raymond Project, he, once again, delves into the power of pomp rock, this one sounding like a mix between Mott the Hoople and UFO. The music has a quirky feel good edge to it and is well written and executed. That said, Raymond is not reinventing the wheel with this album. Instead, he is writing and performing music that is dear to his heart.

“Born & Raised on Rock ‘N’ Roll” sets the tone for the album, as one could swear Ian Hunter is somewhere on this tune. “C-List Celebrity” is a bit of a slam with a great beat while “Love is Blind” is perhaps the best song on the disc.

What should be exciting turns out to be a bit of a let down as Michael Schenker appeared on the album for a remake of the classic “Reach Out (I’ll Be There).” Try as they might, this is just not a rock song. It needs to remain a Motown classic and be left alone.

The rest of the album rocks and if you’re a UFO fan then you will want to pick this one up to add to your collection.

By Jeb Wright