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The Yardbirds – Making Tracks: Live 2010-2012
MVD Visual


Rating: C

When it comes to classic rock icons, not many are in the same category as The Yardbirds. This is a legendary band that is responsible, directly or indirectly, for some of the most classic songs, and bands, in the history of rock and roll. Without The Yardbirds there may never have been an Eric Clapton, a Jeff Beck Group or a Led Zeppelin, as all three maestros, at one time or another, were a member of the group.

The new DVD is a hit and miss affair. It does contain plenty of the classic songs that made this one of the most important bands of their era including “Drinking Muddy Water,” “Heartful of Soul,” “Train Kept Rolling,” “Shapes of Things,” “I’m a Man” and “Over Under Sideways Down.” This concert also contains the tune that Jimmy Page would end up reworking and making into one of the most iconic Led Zeppelin tunes of all time, “Dazed and Confused.”

The bonus disc, with interviews is really amazing. The concert disc, while good enough, just does not come across as strong as it needed too. The main issue is that only two Yardbirds, Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty, remain. The band has hired some young guns to sit in with the group in an attempt to keep the music youthful. "Making Tracks was great fun to make," says McCarty.@ "I think it really shows how young and old musicians can work together in a spirit of harmony and energy, giving credence to a great repertoire."

Sadly, the whole thing has a tribute band feel to it. And why not, it has been nearly 50 years since the band formed. The music sounds fine and the young guns do a good job, but they are the focus of the group, musically. Seeing as they are filling such big shoes, it leaves a bit of space where the nostalgia should be. That said, the documentary on the bonus disc is great. The interviews are good and you do get a couple of tunes from Jim McCarty’s solo band. This is a fine effort overall, but it comes off as a bit of an effort nonetheless.

By Jeb Wright