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Kiss – The Casablanca Singles (Box Set)


Rating: B+

Kiss is back with a CD version of all of their singles from the Casablanca days. This is classic Kiss and they, predictably, did a great job on the packaging. The marketing aspect being grand is no surprise, as that is what Kiss is known for.

The box, itself, is very attractive with a 3-D effect cover. There is a metal plate that says “The Casablanca Singles 1974-1982 Limited Edition.” While not numbered, there were only 2500 copies made of each format. The box also includes a booklet and four Kiss masks. Many of the individual discs include different mixes of the songs, depending on what country they were released in.

While the band has found nearly everyway possible to put out their old music, this is still classic Kiss and all of their famous songs from the era are included.

"Even I haven't heard some of this stuff, but this is all part of our master plan to celebrate KISS at this milestone in our careers," says Gene Simmons. "This box set represents us at the very beginning of our career, and documents the band's early success and subsequent growth." Adds Paul Stanley: "This collection is meant for the true KISS aficionado. The packaging really captures the development of both our music and image at a very crucial period in the band's history."

So, if you need some of these rarities to complete your collection, then this is for you.

Below are the 29 discs included in this over the top Kiss release:

1. Nothin' To Lose / Love Theme From KISS
2. Kissin' Time / Nothin' To Lose
3. Strutter / 100,000 Years
4. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll / Hotter Than Hell (Germany sleeve)
5. Rock And Roll All Nite / Getaway (Holland sleeve)
6. C'mon And Love Me / Getaway (Japan sleeve)
7. Rock And Roll All Nite (live) / Rock And Roll All Nite (Germany sleeve)
8. Shout It Out Loud / Sweet Pain (Japan sleeve)
9. Flaming Youth / God Of Thunder (U.S. sleeve)
10. Detroit Rock City / Beth (Japan sleeve)
11. Beth / Detroit Rock City (Germany sleeve)
12. Hard Luck Woman / Mr. Speed (Germany sleeve)
13. Calling Dr. Love / Take Me (Germany sleeve)
14. Christeen Sixteen / Shock Me (France sleeve)
15. Love Gun / Hooligan (Sweden sleeve)

16. Shout It Out Loud (live) / Nothin' To Lose (live) (Germany sleeve)
17. Rocket Ride / Tomorrow And Tonight (live) (Germany sleeve)
18. Strutter '78 / Shock Me (Germany sleeve)
19. Hold Me, Touch Me / Goodbye - Paul Stanley (U.K. sleeve / Purple vinyl) + mask
20. New York Groove / Snow Blind - Ace Frehley (U.K. sleeve / Blue vinyl) + mask
21. Radioactive / See You In Your Dreams - Gene Simmons (U.K. sleeve / Red vinyl) + mask
22. Don't You Let Me Down / Hooked On Rock 'N' Roll - Peter Criss (Germany sleeve)
23. You Matter To Me / Hooked On Rock 'N' Roll - Peter Criss (U.K. sleeve / Green
vinyl) + mask
24. I Was Made For Lovin' You / Hard Times (Germany sleeve)
25. Sure Know Something / Dirty Livin' (Germany sleeve)
26. Shandi / She's So European (Holland sleeve)
27. Tomorrow / Naked City (Japan sleeve)
28. A World Without Heroes / Dark Light (Spain sleeve)
29. I Love It Loud / Danger (U.S. sleeve)

By Jeb Wright