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I live for two things, aside from my friends and family-music and sports (to be even more specific, professional hockey). Operations manager by day, at night I have been known to do a variety of things-writer, lighting designer, tour host, broadcaster, public relations rep, a jack of all trades and master of none. I’ve have been to over 1500 concerts in my 31 year career and had my first review published in late 1975 (Aerosmith @ Winterland in SF). I love all types of hard rock music, but I am not one of those guys that listens to classical, jazz, country, reggae or anything else like that ( I do like 70’s soul music). My tastes in rock run from America to ZZ Top, from Armored Saint to Whitesnake, from Metallica to Yes. I like big guitars, big choruses, huge riffs, sweet melodies and music that moves me. I have also been to over 750 pro hockey games in my life, and I like nothing better than to be blasting out some rock or metal on my way from a San Jose Sharks victory (section 205 rocks!)

The Nuts and Bolts

Name: Dan Wall
Birth date: Long ago and far away
Birthplace: Pittsburg, CA
Currently Residing: Pittsburg, CA
Married :Selina (1985)
Children: None
Personal Motto: Live every day like it’s your last
How did you come to write for Classic Rock Revisited?
Sent Jeb a review, he liked it because he didn’t have to pay me, kept sending them and he kept posting them
First album you bought:
Abbey Road, The Beatles
Approximate number of concerts you’ve attended:
First Concert:
Rod Stewart and the Faces,/Foghat @ the Cow Palace in Daly City 3/2/75
Favorite Concert:
Tie-KISS/The Tubes/Rush, Winterland, SF, 6-1-75 and Montrose/Journey/UFO, Winterland, SF, 9-24-75
Worst Concert:
Elvis Costello, Berkeley 2-10-79, the infamous show when Costello stormed off the stage after 45 minutes.
Favorite Rock n’ Roll Movie:
Almost Famous
Favorite Band:
Led Zeppelin
Least Favorite Band:
Any fabricated teen pop mess, Dire Straits
The most embarrassing CD in my collection is:
The Partridge Family’s Greatest Hits (“Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque”)
Biggest Rock Nerd Memorabilia I own:
A set of Rolling Stone bobble head dolls
Favorite Rock T-shirt I ever owned or still own is:
KISS-four faces
Craziest thing I ever did for Rock ‘n Roll:
I ditched my buddy’s girlfriend in her own car to take two other girls to a Heart concert in 1978 (that’s as crazy as I can share-the rest will be in the book when the statute of limitations runs out-ha!)

Top 10 Desert Island Discs

1. Led Zeppelin “2”
2. KISS “Alive”
3. Thin Lizzy “Live and Dangerous”
4. Black Sabbath “Master of Reality”
5. Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast”
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd “One More from the Road”
7. UFO “Strangers in the Night”
8. The Cult “Electric”
9. Starz “Starz”
10. Aerosmith “Toys in the Attic

Honorable mention: “Bridge of Sighs,” Robin Trower, “Symbol of Salvation,” Armored Saint, “Greatest Hits,” The Raspberries, “Van Halen,” Van Halen, “Powerage,” AC/DC, “Greatest Hits, HIM, “Montrose,” Montrose, “Burn,” Deep Purple, “Moxy,” Moxy, “2112,” Rush.